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gervase evans

Sharp Edge was designed and manufactured by UK-based G-Sharp Tools Ltd and is the brainchild of Gervase Evans. Gervase is an experienced cabinet maker and furniture restorer. The company was established to supply simple, practical and effective chisel sharpening tools for the woodworking industry.

Gervase studied woodwork from a young age, moving on to the London College of Furniture, Design and Technology (now the London Metropolitan University) to pursue his passion. After graduating he set up a cabinet making and furniture restoration company and then after several years developed the business to encompass designing and making kitchens, and later installing them. Gervase has been doing this for more than 25 years and the extensive practical experience he has gained as a result has led to him identifying market opportunities and inventing a new form of sharpening in the form of the new Sharp Edge product.

Gervase Evans said: “As a cabinet maker myself, I designed Sharp Edge because I was getting extremely frustrated with other products on the market. I wanted a sharpening tool that was dependable, easy to use, lightweight and adaptable. I thought there had to be a simple way to sharpen, and then I had my Eureka moment – and came up with a design which had all these qualities.

He continued: “Using Sharp Edge significantly speeds up the time it takes me to build furniture, as it has dramatically reduced the time I spend sharpening my chisels. The speed and ease of use will be a major benefit for all who use the product and I am confident that it will become a tradesman’s must-have tool.”





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Chisel Sharpener and Sharpedge™ Chisel Sharpening Products are manufactured in the UK by Gsharp Ltd